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20/21 EU - 4 UK Toddler
22/23 EU - 5 - 6 UK Child
24/25 EU - 7 - 8 UK Child
26/27 EU - 8 - 9 UK Child
28/29 EU - 10 - 11 UK Child
30/31 EU - 12 - 13 UK Child
32/33 EU - 13 UK Child
34/35 EU - 1 - 2 UK Adult


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3Kamido® PRO Children's Chest Waders - is a guarantee of joyful and safe fun for your child. Trouser boots will allow your child to indulge in carefree play regardless of the weather! Now the child can safely sit in a puddle, on wet sand, grass or moss, play in mud or wet snow, go fishing with dad or grandpa, and we do not have to worry about getting wet or chilled. Trouser boots protect children from wind, rain and cold. They keep the child dry and frost-free. Thanks to the chest waders, the clothes underneath are always dry, and thus you do not have to change your child's clothes for fear of getting wet or cold. The boots are made of durable, damage-resistant material and have a thick and non-slip sole. a waterproof bag for easy storage and transport. The bag can also be used to carry other things. They have fashionable and original designs and colors designed for children and teenagers. Chest waders are of high quality, made in Poland.

Trouser boots have a variety of uses, for example:
- playing on wet sand, soil, grass, moss
- various games in the rain, splashing and wading and sitting in puddles
- fishing under the watchful eye of adults
- all kinds of trips, e.g. to the forest, to the meadow
- they also work well in winter, especially when playing on wet snow
- protect against bites, ants, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects
- protect clothes against dirt and soaking

- 100% waterproof
- 100% windproof
- The 3KAMIDO logo on the pants and carrying bag is made of reflective tape, thanks to which the child is better visible in the evenings and on cloudy days, which increases the child's safety
- They are made of modern Kamidex PVC material, which does not contain phthalates, is safe and non-toxic
- Width adjustment - with solid metal snaps
- Non-slip sole
- Adjustable and unfastened harness with a high-quality plastic Nexus buckle
- High-quality rubber in braces with the 3Kamido logo
- At the back, the shoulder straps have a plastic separator that prevents the shoulder straps from sliding off the shoulders

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