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The 3Kamido Outdoor socks were created as a result of love and care.  As a mum, I was always concerned about keeping my children's feet warm. At the same time, after using many different warm socks, I noticed that the children's feet were often very sweaty, which increased the risk of catching a cold. As a mum, this worried me a lot.

I was looking for some kind of optimum solution - some kind of socks that would combine these two qualities - warmth and maximum feet dryness which were the most important to me. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find such socks and so I decided to create them...

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I chose a solid Polish factory with 78 years of experience in the production of socks to physically produce them and help me in their creation!

The professionals at this factory helped me a lot in creating my dream sock by sharing their experience about sock production. In deepening my knowledge of socks, I learned that the ever so popular cotton socks are not at all as good for the feet as wool socks (especially for children and teenagers, who are generally more active than adults). This is because the cotton keeps the sock moist at the feet. The opposite is the natural wool, which wicks moisture away from the feet and keeps the them dry for longer, plus wool is much warmer. 


However, I associated the use of wool in socks with concerns about sufficient softness and pleasantness to the touch, so when designing our socks we used the best wool in the world - Merino wool, which, apart from its excellent thermal properties (the warmest wool in the world) and hygroscopic properties (it perfectly transports moisture from the feet to the outside of the sock), is also very nice and pleasant to the touch and, what is very important, has natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. 


We have sourced the best raw materials, including precisely Merino wool, as well as Coolmax yarn which has excellent wicking properties . We have created multiple zones in the sock that are responsible for warmth, durability , moisture-wicking and wearing comfort.


We worked on its creation for nine months and finally succeeded in producing a sock that met all our goals.

Co-workers said it was a Bentley among socks :) 


Socks made with love and care


Katarzyna Szklanko- Pawlic

Owner of 3Kamido








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